100 Rock Hits 50'

Dale Hawkins (Artiste)
Ronnie Self (Artiste)
Gene Vincent (Artiste)
Wanda Jackson (Artiste)
Eddie Cochran (Artiste)
Buddy Holly (Artiste)
Chuck Berry (Artiste)
Bo Diddley (Artiste)
Jerry Lee Lewis (Artiste)
Jimmy Crain (Artiste)
Little Richard (Artiste)
Lloyd Price (Artiste)
Elvis Presley (Artiste)
Bill Haley (Artiste)
Carl Perkins (Artiste)
Ritchie Valens (Artiste)
Peanuts Wilson (Artiste)
Mac Curtis (Artiste)
Webb Pierce (Artiste)
Roy Hall (Artiste)
Red Sovine (Artiste)
Johnny Carroll (Artiste)
Art Adams (Artiste)
Don Woody (Artiste)
Billy Harlan (Artiste)
Autry Inman (Artiste)
Arlie Duff (Artiste)
Gene Maltais (Artiste)
Donny Young (Artiste)
Terry Noland (Artiste)
Eddie Fontaine (Artiste)
Wayne Raney (Artiste)
Billy Guitar (Artiste)
Roy Duke (Artiste)
Johnny Bell (Artiste)
Justin Tubb (Artiste)
Bobby Helms (Artiste)
James Gallagher (Artiste)
Billy Lee Riley (Artiste)
Arnie Derksen (Artiste)
Al coker (Artiste)
Lou Graham (Artiste)
Buddy Covelle (Artiste)
Jerry Engler (Artiste)
Arthur Osborne (Artiste)
Vernon claud (Artiste)
Lonnie Glosson (Artiste)
Red Foley (Artiste)
Rex Allen (Artiste)
Rockin' Saints (Artiste)
Chuck and Bil (Artiste)
Chester Smith (Artiste)
Jerry Kennedy (Artiste)
York Brothers (Artiste)
Moon Mullican (Artiste)
Johnny Powers (Artiste)
Lonnie Allen (Artiste)
The Dazzlers (Artiste)
Tommy Smith (Artiste)
Bob Vidone (Artiste)
Tommy Holmes (Artiste)
Jackie Gotroe (Artiste)
Gary Engel (Artiste)
Bobby Lollar (Artiste)
Jerry Adams (Artiste)
Harry Hepcat (Artiste)
Bill Davenport (Artiste)
Morris Brothers (Artiste)
Carl E. Tyndall (Artiste)
Country GJ's (Artiste)
Ray Campbell (Artiste)
Billy Tidwell (Artiste)
Rufus Thomas (Artiste)
Carl Mann (Artiste)

  • 1Suzy Q2:09
  • 2Bop a Lena2:03
  • 3Be Bop a Lula2:32
  • 4Let's Have a Party2:06
  • 5Twenty Flight Rock1:42
  • 6Love's Made a Fool of You1:56
  • 7Down the Road a Piece2:09
  • 8Road Runner2:43
  • 9High School Confidential2:27
  • 10Guitar Playin' Son of a Gun2:22
  • 11Long Tall Sally2:06
  • 12Lawdy Miss Clawdy2:26
  • 13Baby Let's Play House2:16
  • 14Whole Lotta Shakin'2:48
  • 15Matchbox2:20
  • 16La Bamba2:04
  • 17Cast Iron Arm2:22
  • 18If I Had Me a Woman2:19
  • 19Ain't I'm a Dog2:12
  • 20Get With It1:57
  • 21Teenage Boogie2:16
  • 22All By Myself2:43
  • 23Juke Joint Johnny2:27
  • 24Hot Rock2:14
  • 25We Belong Together1:53
  • 26Rock Crazy Baby2:14
  • 27Barking Up the Wrong Tree2:16
  • 28Blue Moon of Kentucky2:03
  • 29Schoolhouse Rock2:22
  • 30Make Like a Rock and Roll2:06
  • 31Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On2:56
  • 32Be Bop Baby2:11
  • 33Sweet Love On My Mind2:09
  • 34Alligator Come Across2:19
  • 35Bird Dog2:20
  • 36Morse Code2:22
  • 37Diggin' the Boogie2:32
  • 38Offbeat Boogie2:30
  • 39Crazy Baby1:58
  • 40Ruby pearl2:19
  • 41Shaking the Blues2:18
  • 42Mama Don't You Think I Know2:29
  • 43Ten Little Women2:12
  • 44Cool It Baby2:13
  • 45Shake Baby Shake2:03
  • 46Here Comes the Night2:03
  • 47Behave, Be Quiet or Be Gone2:01
  • 48Flip Flop and Fly1:49
  • 49See You Later Alligator2:28
  • 50Hypnotised2:20
  • 51Rock It On Down to My House2:17
  • 52Tennesse Rock' N' Roll2:39
  • 53Crazy Chicken2:36
  • 54Is That All to the Ball, Mr Hall2:04
  • 55She Wanna Rock2:30
  • 56Don't Go Baby2:04
  • 57Wee Willie Brown2:06
  • 58Lorraine2:33
  • 59Don't Stop Now2:34
  • 60(It Would Be) a Doggone Lie2:01
  • 61Sputnick (The Satellite Girl)2:25
  • 62Hey Ruby2:10
  • 63Baby's Gone1:53
  • 64Pan American Boogie2:38
  • 65Hey Baby Let's Go Down Town2:14
  • 66Crazy Little Guitar Man2:10
  • 67Knock Knock Rattle2:08
  • 68Move on2:18
  • 69Cheat On Me Baby2:18
  • 70I Wanna Bop2:05
  • 71Way Out There2:25
  • 72You Gotta Move2:36
  • 73Teenage Love Is Misery2:03
  • 74Everybody's Tryin' to Be My Baby1:50
  • 75Moon's Rock2:22
  • 76Mean Mistreater1:58
  • 77I Walk3:05
  • 78You'll Never Change Me2:36
  • 79Gee Whiz1:42
  • 80Born Unlucky2:02
  • 81Untrue2:10
  • 82Wa-chic-ka-noka2:01
  • 83Lobo Jones1:55
  • 84Money Honey2:22
  • 85Bad Bad Boy1:53
  • 86Old Black Joe1:58
  • 87Treat Me Right2:03
  • 88Somebody's Gonna Hurt You3:26
  • 89Milkcow Blues Boogie3:15
  • 90Rock'n'Roll With Mom and Dad2:10
  • 91Something Baby2:07
  • 92Rockin' Country Fever1:49
  • 93Indian Joe2:00
  • 94Hillbilly Rock2:26
  • 95Go Girl Go2:33
  • 96A Ball Tonight2:12
  • 97Folsom Prison Blues2:06
  • 98Frankie and Johnnie2:09
  • 99Bear Cat2:47
  • 100I'm Coming Home2:31